Caring for Curious Brushes

To get the most out of the life of your brush it’s important to frequently remove dead hair, skin cells and grease. Dry clean your brush frequently by loosening any hair strands with a wide-tooth comb.

Disinfect your Nick Stenson CURIOUS brushes with one of these three methods:

Method 1:

Dip a comb in soapy, lukewarm water. Hold the brush with the pad pointing downwards and brush the bristles. Shake the brush to remove excess water and place the brush to dry with the handle pointing upwards.

Method 2:

Use a spray-on disinfectant on the surface and leave to dry.

Method 3:

Use an Ultrasonic cleaning device.

Nick Stenson CURIOUS brushes should never be dipped or soaked in Barbicide liquid for cleaning. Natural boar fiber behaves in similar ways as human hair and therefore will absorb, dissipate and interact with liquids and chemicals, much like our hair does. Barbicide will cause damage to natural fiber, especially if left in the liquid for long periods of time, because it absorbs the chemical liquid.